Visionary, Community-Creator, Systems-Architect & Entrepreneur

Aloha! I am Dmitri Sunshine and my mission in life is co-creating holistic communities designed to empower people to live as their highest version, mentally, physically and spiritually, while in harmony with nature.

I am grateful to have been endowed with the type of mindset that allows me to take on any kind of challenge, while understanding that it’s all about being in flow and enjoying the journey. I highly value authenticity, transparency and communication.


I became passionate about intentional-communities after visiting various communities and seeing the kind of lifestyle that was possible, especially in well-organized ones. It became apparent that communities and sharing are the crux of sustainable living and that we need to empower more people to start their own communities to provide enough flavors that would allow people to find their Goldilocks community.

Being of Service

I believe it’s all about how we can best be of service to all the other life forms that we inhabit this planet with, which I’ve come to realize is a living organism after witnessing the lava flowing out in Hawaii and feeling the pulse of our mother earth’s heartbeat. The real  challenge for me is where and how do I apply my extensive set of skills to help create a more beautiful world in the quickest way possible since we don’t have the luxury of time at this point.


I am detail oriented and geek out on design of all sorts, from UX to the natural world. I believe that the best designs come from intuition and the sub-conscious mind, so I work from this Zen mind state as much as possible with meditation being an essential daily practice, along with spending enough time in the Wild to reset and allow myself to be a clearer conduit.

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Community-Creation, Empowerment & Embodiment


Visionary, Community-Creator, Systems-Architect & Entrepreneur