We believe that everyone has immense potential that’s just waiting to be unleashed for the actualization of their archetypal purpose but without the right environment and support frameworks most people end up just wishful thinking or needlessly struggling.
Transcending willpower through a purpose-driven life in community.
The challenges that visionaries, leaders and coherence holders are presented with on their journeys are so immense that we need each other’s support in…
Regenerative community living is the key to addressing the biggest issues of our time. By coming together in highly organized ways that properly reward…
Organizations who have the same noble intentions to create a positive impact in our world are competing with each other for resources and status…
The synergy and momentum created when we gather for a specific purpose is immense; allowing us to work effortlessly on the creation of exciting new…
Vision A federation of community DAOs united under a mother DAO which provides the funding, technology and resources to help regenerative communities…
Holistic Exceptional-Community Eco-Village with an Entrepreneurial Twist
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Dmitri Zasage Sunshine